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1. What is a FLASH SALE?

A Flash Sale is when LongPlus offers substantial discounts or promotions for a very short period of time for the purpose of festival promotions, clearances etc. Take the chance, you may save a lot to buy security cameras for your family.

2. Where do FLASH SALE products come from?

LongPlus FLASH SALE product are brand new LongPlus security cameras not yet for sale. Due to slight bumps during shipping/packaging after production, some FLASH SALE products may have cosmetic blemishes like minor scratches or dents, which do not affect performance.


Note: If you mind scratches, please place an order with caution.

3. Is it safe to buy LongPlus FLASH SALE products?

Yes. Every product completes a rigorous inspection process prior to sale.

  • It goes through the thorough cleaning & inspection process;
  • Conduct full-featured tests & firmware upgrades;
  • Alcohol wipe disinfection & repackaging;
  • Completion of final quality assurance inspection;

We guarantee every FLASH SALE product meets the functional standards of brand new products.

4. Are FLASH SALE products covered by warranty?

Sorry, all products on flash sale do not come with our standard 1-year warranty, and do not support for a 30-day return & refund. However, we provide lifetime online technical support for you. For more information, please read our Refund Policy.