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LongPlus FAQ

Why is the connection unsuccessful after scanning?
How do I set up my camera with the LongPlus App?
How do I cancel my email subscription?

We think you'll like the LongPlus subscription service, but if you do want to cancel, we can do it easily.

Once you're logged in, just go to Manage Account and click Edit Subscriptions, then click the Cancel Subscription button.

Products FAQ

Can I use a baby monitor for outdoor monitoring?

Because our baby monitor is wired so it is not suitable for outdoor.

For outdoor cam, we recommand these products.

Outdoor Cam

Where can I install the camera?

When installing security cameras, we recommend placing the camera in a high location.

Outdoor installation locations should be 7ft above ground.

What is the default language for LongPlus security cameras?

Our app currently supports Chinese and English. The camera's sound broadcast supports 18 languages including English, French, German, and Spanish, etc.

What do the lights on the LongPlus security cameras mean?

Blue is always on - the camera is working properly.

Yellow light is on - the camera is charging.

Green light is on - the camera is charged.

Indicator off - camera is in sleep/off mode.

Does the LongPlus security camera require an app to work?

Yes! All LongPlus Smart Security devices are connected to the LongPlus app. Available and compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android devices. The app is easy to install and comes with voice prompts that will guide you step-by-step in minutes.

Apps FAQ

Where can I download the LongPlus APP?

The LongPlus App is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play.

How to remove too many APP alert messages?

1、Mark all APP message pages as read.

2、Close APP message push. 3、Unbind device, uninstall APP and reinstall binding.

How many LongPlus security cameras can be connected to one account?

Up to 50 cameras can be connected to a single account.

However, we recommend connecting no more than 12 cameras to a single Wi-Fi network to ensure optimal connectivity.

Technology FAQ

Do I need Wi-Fi to connect the camera?

Yes, to pair your camera with the LongPlus app, you need a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network at your location. Without an internet connection, the camera can not deliver accurate ai-powered detection to your LongPlus app.

Can two or multiple people be logged in?

No, one account can only be allowed to log in on one phone at the same time. 

But you can share camera to others. How to Share Camera