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5 Reasons to choose a Solar-Powered Security Camera

Aug 31,2022 | LongPlus

What are the five main reasons to choose a Solar-Powered Security Camera?

1. Solar or Battery Powered

LongPlus Solar Powered Camera is equipped with battery solar power. They also consist of a solar panel that lasts for 365 days. Therefore, you can make sure of the continuous work routine of the Solar Powered Camera. These are also inbuilt with a 9000 mAh rechargeable battery for long-lasting battery life. Though it is solar-powered, the energy consumption and lifetime of the Solar Powered Camera are 100% assured. So why not give it a try today?

2.  Aids Color Night Vision

Solar Powered Camera is embedded with color night vision. The interesting fact in this feature is it is enabled with Black and White, Color, and Auto color visions as well. The different visions aid to give the perfect color night vision to have a clear picture even during a dark time. So whether it is day or night, the users are always assured to get the best display pictures for a perfect watch.

3. Support any weather changes

The LongPlus Solar Powered Camera contains an IP65 weatherproofing rating. Therefore, it can withstand typical weather conditions. So, as users, you don't need to worry about whatever the weather it is as you will have the perfect vision in every instance. Let it be rain, snow, cold, or heat, Solar Powered Camera can withhold it.

4. Accurate Alerts

The Solar Powered Camera consists accurate alert feature. It enables to give accurate alerts based on motion sensitivity. It also has a PIR schedule to make the Solar Powered Camera smarter. So, a camera turning smarter is amazing, right? Of course, it doesn't generate false alarms to disturb you at irrelavant times. But, when it is the right time to make some noise, the Solar Powered Camera sets the guard with accurate alerts.

5. Ensure safety and security

Safety and Security are two important factors to choose a Solar Powered Camera. LongPlus Solar Powered Camera would ensure the safety and security of the surrounding at every instance. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and cost savings to spend on a worthy camera.


In conclusion, we discussed the five main reasons for a Solar Powered Camera and the key reasons to choose LongPlus Solar Powered Camera. It has a variety of other features as well. So, explore the products of LongPlus to pick the best choice of Solar Powered Cameras.