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LongPlus Blog

How To Choose a Battery-Powered Security Camera - Buying Guide

Earlier to buy a battery-powered security camera, you will have to determine which features are important to you and which are not. You also will need to determine the best place to install your camera and keep it safe from the vandalism threat.

Two-way Audio Security Camera - Top 3 Picks in 2022

Two-way audio is a feature that enables communication through security cameras. It is helpful with home security cameras like IP cameras, outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras, etc. The significant requirement for a two-way audio security camera is that it must have a WiFi connection. Then, your wireless camera can connect to an app (using WiFi) on your mobile phone.

8 Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

It is lovely weather outside, and you decide you want to go out camping in the hills. In other cases, you have summer vacations, and you decide to go on a trip abroad. Everything is planned, and you have done all the shopping until you realize you are missing something. What is it? The security of your home. You must be wondering how you can protect your home while you’re enjoying your vacation. Let’s see how.

5 Signs Burglars Look for Before Breaking Into a Home

Did you plan a family trip this summer? Don’t know how to keep your home safe from burglars. Sadly, many people don’t know how to protect their home from intruders. Don’t worry in this article, we will share some signs burglars look for before breaking into a home.

How to DIY a Home Security Camera System?

If you think you need proper security in your home, so your house stays safe from burglars, then know it is a good idea to invest in a security camera system.

The History of Security Camera

Have you read George Orwell’s 1984? If you have, then you must know how eerily right he was in his assumptions of a future where everyone is watched all the time. But jokes aside, security cameras are an important part of a comprehensive security setup. Nowadays, they are so easily available to be used for indoor and outdoor applications, but that was not always the case.

Smart Homes – A New Era of Care and Safety for Your Colorful Life

Smart homes have become the new fad that is – undoubtedly – the future of the housing industry. To make our colorful life safer, it is vital that we upgrade our homes with our choice of gadgets and devices that are available in the market, including complete home automation systems that allow for an optimum smart home experience. Sooner or later, all our homes will be smart homes just like how our mobile phones have become smartphones.

What Are The Pros Of Wireless Security Cameras?

When it comes to home security, a wireless security camera is a critical tool. While conventional cameras have wires, these cameras have automatic connectivity. Such technology enables the camera to have a lot of different advantages over traditional cameras.

How Do Wireless Home Security Cameras Work?

A home security wireless camera is also called a "Wi-Fi camera" or "Smart camera." It conveys its footage over Wi-Fi and runs on AC power.

Tips On Having Security Cameras At Home

Security cameras are great for any home. They make sure that you and your loved ones remain safe. However, many people do not pay much attention to their home security system. And that can lead to many inconveniences in the future.

Avoid future problems from today. Here are 4 tips on having security cameras at home!

How Security Cameras Work?

Security cameras help you protect your family. They give you a feeling of comfort knowing that you have all the corners of your house under watch.

But have you ever wondered how security cameras work? No need to worry. This guide will explain all you need to know!

Some security measures you should know before traveling

There are certain mistakes a lot of people make when going on vacations that can sometimes be very… costly. With LongPlus security cameras, you can monitor your house no matter how far. All you need is an internet connection and you can remotely view your house.

Why Balcony Security Is Important?

Balcony security is about scanning for potential threats physically or remotely to make sure that people's or property's safety is kept at its maximum. It's indeed a great place for ventilation and sightseeing, but at the same time, security and safety are highly important.

Image Recognition Technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Along with the rapid development of image processing technology, it has promoted the emergence and development of image recognition technology, and gradually become an important part of the artificial intelligence field, and widely used in facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, medical diagnosis and other fields to play an important role. Today we will talk about image recognition technology in the direction of popular topics, hoping to give you and technology enthusiasts more inspiration!

Will the combination of "Network + AI" be popular?

The relationship between network and AI has been broadly discussed in two directions - "Network for AI" and "AI for Network". The former emphasizes the service attributes of the network and adjusts the technology and application form of the network from the technical characteristics and scenario differences of AI; the latter emphasizes the vertical application of AI and explores how AI technology can be integrated into the technical architecture and application scenarios of the network.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

There are two sides to every story, and people always align themselves with the one that confirms their beliefs. Some will say it is good due to products like LongPlus security cameras, while others won’t be much appreciative of it no matter how good it may actually be due to things like smartphones which the youth abuses a lot. Such is the dilemma with technology which… despite being the epitome of human development, still ticks some people.

Key Tips New Plant-Parents Need to Know

Who doesn't love plants these days? Plants are the reason for the excellent environment of our world. If you're a plant lover and just became a plant parent, then keep on reading to find out the most valuable tips to look out for your plants to let them grow and flourish!

Must-Know Things For New Moms

Did you just become a mom, or are you a ‘Mom-to-be’ looking for a guide to help you support you throughout the whole phenomenon of taking care of the baby? If yes, you came to the right place!

Don’t worry about taking the wrong care of your baby, and continue reading to be able to give your best to your child!

How to wire DVR security cameras?

Security cameras have different image resolutions, and methods to connect to other systems. Some business security cameras are used indoors, while others are used outside. Some can pan, tilt, and zoom to cover a larger area, while others are made to read license plates as cars pull into a parking lot. Every business needs a system of security cameras.