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5 Signs for the Outdated Security Systems

Sep 27,2022 | LongPlus

Are your defenses up to the task of keeping you safe? Does it guard against house invasions in any way? Does it have a date? What further developments can we anticipate? You must look for the signals listed below to find out the answers to all these questions. Let's look at the top 5 indicators that will tell you if your system needs to be updated.


Use of a Wired Connection

You are a prime target for contemporary robbers if your alarm system still employs wired sensors that are connected to phone lines. You should update to a wireless sensor alarm system. Furthermore, an antiquated security system is one that still connects to authorities via phone lines when a burglar alarm is activated. Today's thieves are aware that they may easily break the cables without having to worry about the authorities getting notified. They can enter with ease and are free to take your priceless possessions. The most recent home alarm systems can provide faster and more secure police communication. Having wireless alarm systems at your home will make it easier for the police to react to emergencies and dissuade any burglars who might be intending to break in.

Ineffective security cameras

If you are still utilizing low-resolution cameras for your home security system, it is time to improve. High-resolution surveillance cameras can produce a crisper image of anyone who attempted or broke into your home. Additionally, they have a greater storage capacity and the potential to capture video for extended periods. The authorities will have an easier time comparing the perpetrators' images to those in their databases, making it easier for them to apprehend the guilty parties. Installing wireless or IP cameras allows you to keep an eye on your home when you are away or at work.

Ineffective Alarm System

It's time to upgrade your alarm system if it still only has a single keypad or none. Older burglar alarm models can readily disable by just damaging the keypad, and if done fast, you won't be warned, or the police won't be called. So, you can use the intercom system and home alarm with wireless keypads.

No Real-Time Update

Does your home's security system alert you to any activity that takes place there? like any new visitors, staff members, or children's movements? Your system has to be upgraded as soon as possible if it doesn't. It is better to receive updates about your house in addition to being able to watch or monitor (which can only be done when you are free). For instance, if a guest arrives at your house when your child is alone, this can be helpful as it will alert you and request your permission before allowing the person inside, ensuring the safety of both your child and the visitors.

No System Update

Your system shouldn't sometimes receive fresh updates, right? like any replacements or new feature updates? Do you now use the same system with the same features as you used in the past? Then your system is unquestionably not giving you the level of protection you require. Since crime rates have been rising quickly in recent years, it is necessary to modernize the systems to offer the highest level of protection in all circumstances. Consider a system that only informs you in the event of an emergency, such as a fire disaster. It also makes no sense at all to leave your child at home and assume that he is secure due to your security system. Choose the one that often upgrades with new features rather than feeling overly secure.