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How can I extend the battery life?

Feb 21,2023 | LongPlus

🟠 The battery life is largely determined by the number of recordings and the number and duration of live. Here are the suggestions to extend the battery life:

(1) To reduce false triggers. Change the location or angle of the camera. Please allow us to explain how motion detection works: when the PIR sensor perceives a change in the environment, motion detection will be triggered. The change in the environment can be a moving object, light change, the alternation of hot and cold air, etc. Particularly common false triggers include trees shaking after being blown by the wind, the cold air of the air conditioning, etc.

(2) Set motion detection sensitivity to Low or Medium. After doing that, the distance the PIR sensor can detect will become shorter so that false triggers may be reduced.

(3) Shorten the recording duration of the camera. Currently, the camera-supported recording durations are 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, and automatic (up to 3 minutes). For your reference:

Battery capacity Number of recordings
5000mAh 3000~3500
5200mAh 3000~3500
6700mAh 4000
9000mAh 6000~7000
🗒️ Note: This data is obtained by testing in actual use

(4) Set Sleep mode. This feature allows you to schedule the working hours for the camera. Whether the camera enters sleep mode on schedule, or you enable Sleep, the camera will be deactivated. Under this condition, the live feed will not be accessed, motion detection (including push notifications, recordings, and camera alarm) will stop working. This can reduce power consumption to save battery life.

(5) If possible, you can try to watch live feeds or adjust camera settings on your mobile phones less frequently.

(6) To avoid or reduce the battery consumption caused by poor network connection. You can place the camera as close to the router as possible, and try to avoid thick walls, bricks, ceramics, electromagnetic wave equipment, a large amount of liquid, and large metal objects.

(7) We suggest that the camera be installed in a suitable temperature environment (14°F~113°F).

(8) It is generally not recommended that you turn off night vision, but if you do not need to monitor at night (watch live and video), you can turn off night vision.

If the issue persists, please submit feedback from the app for further technical assistance.


Jul 23,2023
One of my solar cameras a bought from Amazon from you guys isn’t holding charge at all my other camera I have same type setup is holding charge perfectly so obviously there’s an issue with the first one I listed. Love the product but disappointed because this is new cameras only for them a few days ago