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How much does installation cost?

Nov 30,2022 | LongPlus

After you pay for the necessary equipment, a camera that you can install yourself is practically free. You can totally DIY to install security cameras.

The majority of cameras available today are not only simple to install on your own, but they are also made to be as painless as possible. Some of them are magnetically attachable, may be mounted on a wall, and can be placed on a table. But not everyone feels at ease drilling into their walls.

Wire-free, battery-powered cameras like LongPlus X82 or LongPlus V3 will be the easiest to install on your own. If you have an inside security camera, you may put it up yourself very easily as well. The camera only needs to be placed where you want it and plugged into electricity.

How should your security camera be placed?

Not everyone must deal with burglars and thieves (thank goodness). Some of us simply want to observe who visits our home while we're gone or to check on deliveries. Others are looking for a way to keep tabs on their loved ones or animals.

Place your camera where it will be able to observe what you want to keep an eye on the most effectively after deciding which objective is most essential to you.


Indoors or outdoors?

The capacity of indoor and outdoor cameras to withstand the elements is the main distinction. You don't want your new camera to break down during the first blizzard of the year, especially since you've realized that your snow boots have also vanished.

Check the camera's operational temperature range and recommended applications. Some models, like the LongPlus X83 or LongPlus X85, can work both inside and outside.


Where to install an indoor security camera

Finding the ideal location, putting in the device, turning it on, and syncing it with your mobile app can all be done to install an indoor camera. While some indoor cameras could need drilling, the majority only need a screwdriver to install.

A higher shelf or corner will provide you a better field of view for an excellent interior camera. The ideal locations will provide a clear view of the space, a cover from robbers, and little to no foot traffic (to avoid unplugging the camera or tripping on the cord).


Where to install an outdoor security camera

Is a wired, wireless, or wire-free camera better for you?

The garage door or a front or back porch are the two most common locations for outside cameras. Make sure your garage camera has a wide field of view. In order to record as much movement as you can with a tiny field of view on a porch camera, make sure the camera is primarily focused on a driveway or walkway. You might want to think about getting a 2K FHD camera like LongPlus X87 or LongPlus X86.


Recap: How to Install a Security Camera

You can install the majority of the cameras we recommend yourself. Also, if you plan to do your own installation and need more detailed instructions, please check the tutorials/review video on our YouTube channel or please feel free to contact us.