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In the dark, do indoor security cameras work?

Nov 29,2022 | LongPlus

How does this work?

Security cameras with night vision can perform magic in two ways, although the second method is rarely used.

Infrared is the first method. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. There are usually several visible led lights around the main lens of cameras with infrared lighting. Infrared light floods the area when the camera detects the environment is dark. Even though we cannot see this light, the lens can, which allows it to create an image. Usually, a monochrome filter is applied to increase contrast and make the image easier to see.

Tube intensifiers are a less common type of night vision (extremely rare with video surveillance). With this device, electrons pass through a photomultiplier and a phosphor screen using the available light. A brighter image is created by flashes of light. Due to the phosphor screen, this type of night vision appears green. In order to achieve this type of night vision, cameras have long exposure times and absorb as much light as possible. This method is rarely used in indoor security cameras, since IR is cheaper and provides a better image.


If a camera has infrared lights, it will work in the dark and provide decent visibility and images. Ensure your video surveillance equipment has IR lights when you select it.