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Key Tips New Plant-Parents Need to Know

Jun 20,2022 | LongPlus

Who doesn't love plants these days? Plants are the reason for the excellent environment of our world. If you're a plant lover and just became a plant parent, then keep on reading to find out the most valuable tips to look out for your plants to let them grow and flourish!


  • Using Pesticides is a Must

The best way to make your plants grow correctly is through a pesticide, and this is a must-use medicine to avoid bugs or insects crawling up onto your plants. You can use a natural pesticide to keep the plants healthier. Also, you can get a LongPlus security camera and install it in your garden to look after them.




  • Use High-Quality Pots

There is no need to use local pots to store your favorite plants as it can result in water leaking or even the bugs crawling upon them. Especially don't use plastic pots for your plants as it may let the water flow outside of the pot when you water them. High-quality pots made with eco-friendly material make it easier for your plants to grow.


  • Water Them Properly

Some plants require water daily while some don't, so make sure you check the correct details of the plant you buy. It will help you understand when to water them so that you can arrange your schedule accordingly.


  • Plant Decor is Not a Priority

Understand that plant decorations might be beautiful, but they are unnecessary. Always keep your plant's health as your utmost priority. The plant should stay healthy to grow and spread positivity around you.


  • Taking Care

Taking good care of a plant is not that hard if you are a plant lover and a plant parent. But if you just became a parent and developed an interest in planting and gardening, it could get a bit hard for you. These tips are a plus point while buying a plant and growing it in your house.

  • Fertilizers
    Fertilizers are like the heart of a plant; if you use the right fertilizer, then the plant will thrive in its own way. Avoid using the unauthentic ones to avoid damaging or ruining your cherished plants.
  • Temperature of Water
    Avoid using cold or hot water; it could spoil your plants. Check the temperature of the water before actually watering them.
  • Check the Soil

The plant is ok if the soil is moist, but you should water them more often if it's dry. Do a routine check for the soil to keep the right track of it.


All in all, new plant parents need to be careful since there are many important things to be taken care of while parenting a plant. Give the parenting your all and showcase your best pot plant.