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The History of Security Camera

Jul 14,2022 | LongPlus

Have you read George Orwell’s 1984? If you have, then you must know how eerily right he was in his assumptions of a future where everyone is watched all the time. But jokes aside, security cameras are an important part of a comprehensive security setup. Nowadays, they are so easily available to be used for indoor and outdoor applications, but that was not always the case. 
Security cameras or as they are also called CCTV cameras have come a long way since their inception. You may not believe it, but the technology was actually developed by a Russian Physicist Léon Theremin and operated manually. It was just a scanning-transmitting camera that was wireless and operated on a shortwave transmitter and receiver. Its resolution was only 100 lines. This means the image quality was rather poor. It was installed in the courtyard of Kremlin, Moscow for the monitoring of people. 

CCTV in Nazi Germany:
Following the use of CCTV cameras in the USSR, a similar system was installed in Germany by Siemens AG around 1942. It was for observing the launch of V2 rockets from inside a bunker. It wasn’t long the USA quickly caught a whiff of this unique technology and decided to work on its own version of it. 

It wasn’t until 1949 that the technology became commercially available. It was introduced in the market by a company called Vericon. Although the technology to monitor people live was present in the market, there was still no means to record it.

The Invention of Video Tape Recorder (VTR):
In 1951, the discovery of VTR changed history as it allowed the recording of live images from television. Only five years later, the technology became commercially available and was coupled with CCTV for the recording of security surveillance so it could be viewed later. By 1965, CCTV cameras became more and more popular as they are deployed in various public locations by the police and other security agencies for surveillance. 

The First Home Security Camera:
It wasn’t long after that the first CCTV system for domestic use is developed and patented by Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1969. The system pioneered the path for the further development and commercialization of CCTV security systems used in the majority of homes. The system was still very simple and comprised of a camera that could look through four small holes to capture video at different heights. The camera directly broadcasted the video to a monitor where it could be observed. 

The Boom of CCTV Cameras:
1970 market was the year when CCTV cameras really boomed and were commercially used at institutions like banks, malls, schools, police stations, and other similar institutions that required security or surveillance. CCTV became a cheap and easy way to deter crime and help identify perpetrators of any criminal activity. This went on till 1980 when another great invention further revolutionized video surveillance.

Charged Couple Device:
Also called CCD, the technology employed the use of microchips and allowed for the creation of advanced and powerful cameras that could record even in low light conditions. This made round the clock surveillance possible. 

Incorporation of CCTV in Daily Life:
 CCTV started to become a part of daily life, all ATM machines had cameras installed in them around 1990. 1992 market the period when portable “Nanny Cams” were created. These were small and high-resolution cameras that allowed parents to monitor their families covertly. 

Following that, the first IP camera was released in 1996 that allowed for videos to be transmitted over the web. This led to the birth of “webcams” which marks a milestone in the progress of how far CCTV cameras had come. 

Wireless Video Surveillance (Present):
Coming to the present, we have the means to record unlimited amounts of video surveillance with superior video quality and wireless connectivity. Now you can have a surveillance camera installed at your house and view the footage from anywhere in the world. The best application of this was for homeowners who can now make the best of this commercially available technology and keep their property, home, and their families safe.

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