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Why can't the battery be charged?

Jan 31,2023 | LongPlus

🟠 The following factors may cause charge failure. Please check them one by one:

(1) The charging device is not suitable, or it malfunctions. Please make sure the power adapter and charging cable are in good condition. The power adapter specification is "5V/1.5A".

(2) The charging port is defective. Possible causes include: the Micro USB cable and the charger or the charging port of the camera are not plugged in properly; there are objects in the charger or the charging port of the camera.

(3) Please confirm whether there are objects in the camera's charging port or the charger port and clean it before charging.
Please ensure that the Micro USB cable is in good contact with the ports on both ends of the charger and camera.

(4) You can try to connect the Micro USB cable and the charger to other devices (such as mobile phones or computers) to see if they work normally. If anyone doesn't work, please change to a new one to try again.

(5) The long-time operation leads to charge port oxidation or internal looseness. Please repair or replace the charge port immediately.
The charging cable is damaged or broken. Please replace the Micro USB cable that can work normally.

(6) The charging cable should not be too long. The required cable length is generally not more than 16 feet (5 m). Please replace the Micro USB cable with a suitable length.

(7) The charging environment is not suitable; excessively high or low temperature makes charging impossible. Please move to a place with an appropriate temperature environment (0°C ~ 45°C) for charging.

If the above are ruled out but the issue still persists, please submit feedback from the app for further technical assistance.


Feb 08,2024
We had ours turned off for some time. I wanted to use it again but it wont charge. I plug it in and no lights turn on.
Jan 08,2024
The cameras needed to be charged this morning so I plugged them in and the light has been orange for the last 6 hours. Also my second camera doesn't seem to be operating and I don't know why