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Why can't the battery be used for a long time?

Jan 31,2023 | LongPlus

🟠 The battery life mainly depends on the total working duration of the camera. The following factors may lead to fast battery consumption. Please check them one by one:

1. Users frequently view live streams/The camera is frequently activated to record videos.
In order to make the camera work longer, please avoid turning on the live broadcast for a long time.

2. Poor Wi-Fi connection to the camera
If the camera's Wi-Fi connection is bad or unstable, it will continue to actively search for networks, so the battery will drain quickly.
Please try to place the camera near the Wi-Fi router. Thick walls, bricks, ceramics, electromagnetic equipment, large amounts of liquid, and large metal objects can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Please try to avoid these objects.

3. Extremely cold weather shortens battery life
The operating temperature of the camera is -10°~45 °C. Please do not place the camera in an extremely cold environment.

4. Night Sight will consume more battery power
When you enable Night Sight, the camera will enter night mode when the light is darker than the threshold (sensitivity level). Camera performance is improved when it is dark.
Therefore, for sharp nighttime images, we don't recommend disabling it, although it may drain more battery power. But if you still want to disable it, you can tap the camera "Settings" icon > tap "Lighting Settings" > close "Night Sight".


Dennis M
Oct 29,2023
I bought 2 about 6 months ago. 1 has died completly and won't even charge. Hoping the other one holds ups.