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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Jul 14,2022 | LongPlus

There are two sides to every story, and people always align themselves with the one that confirms their beliefs. Some will say it is good due to products like LongPlus security cameras, while others won’t be much appreciative of it no matter how good it may actually be due to things like smartphones which the youth abuses a lot. Such is the dilemma with technology which… despite being the epitome of human development, still ticks some people.

So let’s have a look at a few ways technology has played its part in changing our lives from a neutral perspective and weigh in on the pros and cons; you be the judge! As a bonus, here’s a video you can enjoy to help make up your mind.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives For Bad

  • Health Problems
    Back in the good old days, people use to be active and very social. Technology has isolated many of us and made even a greater majority lazy. We have everything in our grasp, from entertainment to shopping. A few taps and the deed is done. Out TVs and smartphones can keep us entertained and glued to our position for hours. This is obviously causing health-related problems in a great majority.
  • It is Expensive
    Of course, technology is not affordable for every socio-economic group because of its high cost. This even includes technologies essential for life, like medical equipment and life-supporting machines. In retrospect, it has turned everything into a profit or loss statement which is indeed a shame.
  • Privacy is Compromised
    You can find everything online, and by that, we mean EVERYTHING! Even information about people by accessing public records. There are tools used by companies that crawl our social media profiles and provide them with all the information about us so they can design marketing campaigns to exploit our psychological weaknesses.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives For Good

  • Better Security
    We have never had better security than we have today. Gone are the days of buglers breaking in and making away with your stuff. With LongPlus security cameras, you can keep your house secured and monitor it remotely no matter how far away you are. 
  • Better Communication
    The internet has brought the whole world together and now we can connect with people anywhere, anytime. What would once take weeks, and even months is now a mere matter of mere seconds. Better telecommunication technologies have significantly improved the lives of people worldwide and made us a global village.
  • Better Efficiency
    Technology has remarkably improved human efficiency and allows us to complete tasks far more quickly in all areas of life. Factories can mass produce products for everyday use ranging from packaged food to items for everyday use like tissue/toilet papers, furniture, medicine, garments, and much, much more.
  • Better Future
    Technology had changed human lives for the better in general with advanced medicine, better healthcare solutions, research and development, better transportation, promoting innovation, and advancing the development of better business opportunities. 

In retrospect, the pros of technology far outweigh the cons. It has revolutionized humanity and made us more aware of ourselves and each other; truly uniting us as one world. LongPlus security camera Solutions is present at the forefront of providing highly advanced and innovative security solutions and playing its part to make your homes, offices, and any place in question safer.