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Why are notifications delayed?

🟠 There are three steps to receive a motion event notification on your phone.

  • Step 1 Camera detects a motion event and sends it to its cloud server on AWS;
  • Step 2 The cloud server sends the motion event info to Apple(iOS)/Google(Android) notification server;
  • Step 3 Apple(iOS)/Google(Android) notification server sends the notification to your phone, and there will be a pop-up notification on your phone.

Usually, all three steps will be completed within a few seconds. However, in some cases, a delay may occur at step 1 or 3.

There may be tens of seconds delay at Step 1. In most cases, this is due to a poor or unstable network connection. Please check and ensure that the Wi-Fi network connection is good and the camera is installed in a place with a strong Wi-Fi signal. Please also select 720p resolution (SD) for video recording to reduce streaming bandwidth.

There may be minutes or even tens of minutes delay at Step 3. Many external factors might cause this delay, such as Apple/Google's notification server, the phone's poor or unstable network connection, etc. Most of the time, it can return to normal after a while.

🗒️ Note: For some brands of Android phones, to fix the delay, you must add our App to the battery-saving whitelist in your phone's Settings. It's because the battery management of these Android phones will kill all background running apps, causing the apps to fail to receive the notifications from Google(Android) notification server in time.
How to add our App to the battery-saving whitelist: Go to your phone's Settings > Apps > Our App > Battery > Battery optimization > Don't optimize.