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Why are notifications delayed after purchasing a plan?

🟠 When you have no plan, there are three steps to receive a motion event notification on your phone.

  • Step 1 Camera detects a motion event and sends it to its cloud server on AWS;
  • Step 2 The cloud server sends the motion event info to Apple(iOS)/Google(Android) notification server;
  • Step 3 Apple(iOS)/Google(Android) notification server sends the notification to your phone, and there will be a pop-up notification on your phone.

However, when you purchase a plan, there will be one more step between Step 1 and Step 3. That is: The motion event is been analyzed by the AI algorithms in the cloud to decide whether to send the notification or not. For example, if you select "Person" under the "Notification Setting" page in the app and the camera recognizes a person in the motion event after analysis, it will decide to send the notification, and vice versa. That's exactly why you may feel a little longer to receive a notification after paying.