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Why can't I receive notifications?

🟠 The failure to receive notifications may be caused by the following reasons, please check one by one:

(1) The LongPlus app is not granted "Notifications" permission. When the "Notifications" permission is not allowed, your phone isn't able to receive any notifications from LongPlus app. Please open the Settings app on your phone > find/search for "LongPlus" > tap "Notifications" and enable it.

(2) The "Motion Detection" feature is not enabled. When "Motion Detection" is disabled, the camera isn't able to be triggered by any movements, let alone notifications. Please open LongPlus app > tap the camera "setting" icon > tap "Motion Detection" > enable "Motion Detection".

(3) The "Notification" feature is not enabled. When "Notification" is disabled, the camera is only able to record videos of the movements but isn't able to send notifications to your phone. Please open LongPlus app > tap the camera "user" icon > tap "Message" > enable "Notification".

(4) The camera's Wi-Fi connection or your phone's network connection is poor or unstable. Please check and ensure that both your camera's Wi-Fi connection and your phone's network connection are good for receiving notifications.

If the issue still persists, please submit feedback from the app for further technical assistance.