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How to properly install the security camera?

🟠 When installing security cameras, LongPlus always recommends placing cameras up high. The outdoor installation location should be 7ft away from the ground. Here are the best places to install security cameras around your home: front & back doors, garage & driveway, yard, common areas, main stairway or hallway, or any side doors or large first-floor windows that an intruder could gain access through.

The recommended height for installing security cameras


 🟠 Typically, home cameras are placed in the corners of the room to optimize the viewing angle. LongPlus recommends at least two cameras to fully cover a large space, such as a living room. To fully monitor your home, users can add cameras in each room to achieve a complete home monitoring system.


🟠 Battery cameras can not be installed behind a window/glass if you want to use the "Motion Detection" feature.

Battery cameras use PIR (passive infrared) motion detection, an energy-efficient (saving battery power) technology that captures motions by detecting infrared radiation (radiant heat) emitted or reflected by objects. When the camera is mounted behind a window/glass, infrared radiation does not pass through the window/glass. As a result, the "Motion Detection feature" does not work reliably. If you want the camera to detect motions outside, it is recommended that you mount the camera outside.

For plug-in/wired cameras, the answer is yes, as they use camera video analytics rather than PIR sensors to detect motions. As long as they "see", they can detect motions. So you can mount the camera behind a window/glass with confidence.