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How to record/save videos on a Micro SD card?

🟠 Installing a Micro SD card does not mean the camera will record a video to the Micro SD card all the time.

When the camera detects a movement, it will record a video to the cloud and the cloud recording will display in the Library in the app. If apart from the cloud recordings you want to save backup videos on a Micro SD card at the same time, you can insert a Micro SD card into the camera.

🟠 Here are tips:

1. Find the Micro SD card slot and insert your Micro SD card: Mostly, the Micro SD card slot is next to the power button and is under the rubber plug of the camera body. However, for some models of cameras, you may need to take off the outer shell of the camera to find the Micro SD card slot.

2. If the Micro SD card is detected, you will hear "SD card detected" at the time when it is inserted, and you can see both the storage of the Micro SD card and "SD Card Video" in the app.

Please note that the camera only supports legitimate brand-name (SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston) Micro SD cards, but may not be able to support no-brand, fake, expansion (the storage is extended), and read-only (you aren't able to put a file to it) Micro SD cards.