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Why are there so many false notifications?

🟠 This is how motion detection works: when the PIR sensor perceives a change in the environment, motion detection will be triggered. The change in the environment can be a moving object, light change, the alternation of hot and cold air, etc. Particularly common false triggers include trees shaking after being blown by the wind, the cold air of the air conditioning, etc.

Here are tips for you to adjust:

(1) Change the position of the camera to avoid false triggers.

(2) Set motion detection sensitivity to "Low" or "Medium". After doing that, the distance the PIR sensor can detect will become shorter so that false triggers may be reduced.

(3) Use the "sleep mode" feature. Tap the camera "setting" icon > tap Sleep Setting >tap Schedule Setting > tap Add a sleep plan > set the sleep period for the camera and select the date on which the sleep period will take effect. Then the camera will detect motions only in the non-sleep period. So will notifications.