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Why is the connection unsuccessful after scanning?

If the camera fails to scan the QR code generated from the app, the causes may be as follows. Please check them one by one.

The camera is not in scanning mode (emits a continuous "Ding Dong Ding Dong" sound)

For the battery camera, please turn on the camera and then double-click the power button.
For the plug-in camera, please unplug and re-plug to ensure the power adapter and the power cable are connected properly. If it still does not work, you can find the reset button on the top of the camera and then press and hold it for 3s (for some models, you may need to find the reboot hole on the top of the camera and then press the reboot hole with the pin included in the box or a pointed object like a needle for 3s).

The camera's lens is not clean

Please remove the plastic protective film first.
Please clean the camera's lens if it is dirty. Please avoid leaving fingermarks on the camera's lens.


The camera can not find the focus of the QR code

Please make sure the phone and camera are aligned and slowly move the camera back and forth to the QR code on the phone to find the focus.
The distance between the camera and the phone should be about 6~12 inches (15~30 cm).
Please do not scan the QR code in a backlight or dark environment.