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5 Signs Burglars Look for Before Breaking Into a Home

Aug 30,2022 | LongPlus

Did you plan a family trip this summer? Don’t know how to keep your home safe from burglars. Sadly, many people don’t know how to protect their home from intruders. Don’t worry in this article, we will share some signs burglars look for before breaking into a home:


Burglars will try finding out someplace to hide, where they can easily wait around and check for a way to break into the home. Some bushes and twigs that aren’t maintained are among the top spots to hide. Any passersby wouldn’t be able to easily notice any burglars in them. So, it is important to look after this thing – keep your lawn and plants maintained, and make sure you don’t give them the option to hide in there.

Wooden Doors and Windows

Burglars love poorly structured doors and windows. Why? Because they are easy to break into. For example, out of all, wooden doors and window frames made of low-quality plastic or wood with no inside framework are always the best options to go for. Burglars are always looking for quick attempts. If they find a weak construction like that, it ultimately increases their chance of quickly breaking into your home. Never give them any opportunity like that. Pro tip: Doors with security locks and electric fences increase your security by double, at least.

No Security Cams

Some signs are not about the presence of something but the mere absence of it. Take the absence of security cameras. Burglars love houses that have no security cameras around them. That is because it gives them the edge to continue what they love doing – robbing around. Leaving no evidence behind, they can easily do what they ought to do. As a responsible citizen, it is important to take measures that save not only you but also your neighbors too. When you have security cameras around, any suspicious individuals will think twice before going down with any bad plans.

Switched Off Lights

That is not quite an obvious sign, but it does make an impact. Many people sadly ignore this or tend to forget this, but never leave your house with all lights off. A dark home gives a perfect opportunity for burglars to do their thing because, guess what, no one around is going to notice them. You don’t want to leave your house with darkness all around. Even when it is daylight, and you’re not sure what time you're returning home, you need to make sure you switch on a bulb. Don’t think of it as an extra thing. Rather, it adds an extra layer of safety.

Low-Height Infrastructure

Burglars want to target homes with low walls and open infrastructure. If you’re thinking of building a home, you need to make sure you don’t ignore security and safety in the name of aesthetics. If you cannot afford security personnel to look after your home or a tech-savvy security lock or cameras, then it is better not to think of the vulnerable structure of your home. If, on the other hand, you have such a home, then it is important to invest in security tools such as building an electric or wired fence. It will decrease the probability of burglars getting into your house.

These are some signs you need to keep an eye on when it comes to the security of your house.