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Where to Place Outdoor Security Cameras for maximum coverage?

Aug 31,2022 | LongPlus

Placing the Security Cameras in the right place is a key point to consider. While placing the cameras you should make sure to place them in a location of maximum coverage. The destination can be anywhere but the specific place to place the Security Cameras is very important.

The following are the key places to keep Security Cameras for maximum coverage:

  • Ground floor doors and windows

The doors and windows are the key areas to enter a home or office space. Initially, Burglars will check on the ground floor doors and windows security. So, get yourself covered up! Security Cameras need to be placed both inside and outside the door and windows.


  • Driveway

If you consist of a driveway, place Security Cameras for full coverage. An outdoor camera needs to be placed in such a situation. Outdoor Security Cameras give full coverage to monitor unusual activities. You can keep a close look by placing Security Cameras in driveways.


  • Stairs or hallways

Stairs or hallways need to be protected with Security Cameras of full coverage. This is the location to switch from one floor to another. This can be either moving from top to bottom or vice versa. Therefore, stairs or hallways need to be surveilled in an organized manner.


  • Common locations

There are few common locations where people move around frequently such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, and many more. It depends on the structure and usage of specific locations. In such important areas, Security Cameras are expected to be placed for full coverage.



  • Basement

The basement is another important location to monitor. If you keep valuable goods in the basement, make sure to fix Security Cameras as well. A close monitor is essential if important things are stored in the basement area. As it is opposed to the ground floor, it requires high protection as well.


  • Yard

If you have front and back yards, make sure to use outdoor Security Cameras for full coverage. Yards are the best places for coverage for thieves. Yards require proper monitoring due to the entrance of thieves being competitively high.


  • Garage

If you have a garage with expensive types of equipment, vehicles, and tools, Security Cameras are a must. You can use a wireless security camera in the garage. Don't leave the garage without a Security camera if there are expensive goods.


  • Second Floor

If you use rooms on the second floor, you can place indoor Security Cameras for full coverage in hallways and stair entrances. Security Cameras would safeguard your protection to maintain a secured living area.



In conclusion, we can conclude that Security Cameras are an important piece of equipment to maintain a secure and safe environment. Both indoor and outdoor Security Cameras come in handy. You can check out LongPlus exclusive Security Cameras and pick the best one.