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🛠️ Setup FAQ

  1. Add X85 camera steps
  2. Add X87 camera steps

📦 Products FAQ

  1. How to properly install the security camera?
  2. How to find the serial number of LongPlus security camera?
  3. Is LongPlus security camera waterproof?
  4. What do the indicator lights on LongPlus security camera mean?
  5. Can I talk to someone via LongPlus App?
  6. Do LongPlus security cameras need an app to work?
  7. What is the default language of LongPlus security cameras?
  8. Can I see the infrared light at night?
  9. How to format a Micro SD card?
  10. How to record/save videos on a Micro SD card?
  11. How to view videos on the Micro SD card?
  12. How to activate cloud storage?
  13. When the SD card is full will it overwrite the older files?
  14. Can the camera be used without a memory card?
  15. How long does it take to charge LongPlus camera once?
  16. Why can't the battery be charged?
  17. Why can't the battery be used for a long time?
  18. How can I extend the battery life?
  19. Will Wi-Fi environment affect the camera battery?
  20. How to charge the camera?



📱 Apps FAQ

  1. Where can I download the LongPlus App?
  2. How do download LongPlus App on a PC?
  3. What is the default language of LongPlus App?
  4. How many LongPlus security cameras can connect to one account?
  5. What are the differences between all subscriptions?
  6. Will there be a reminder when the camera battery is low?
  7. Why can't I receive a verification code when I register the app?
  8. If the camera is stolen, can I still view previous records?
  9. How can I remove too many reminder messages from the app?
  10. How to adjust the video time?
  11. How to enable motion detection?
  12. How to set the motion detection duration?
  13. How to enable night vision?
  14. How to adjust the sensitivity of night vision?
  15. How to turn on the white light/spotlight?
  16. How to use AI recognition feature?
  17. How to set up the Activity Zone?
  18. What is a package detection feature?
  19. Can the device volume be adjusted?
  20. How to view the app version?
  21. Why are notifications delayed?
  22. Why can't I receive notifications?
  23. Why are there so many false notifications?
  24. Why are notifications delayed after purchasing a plan?
  25. How to cancel automatic renewal?
  26. Remember the password when logging in
  27. Remember Wi-Fi name and password after successful connection
  28. How to reset the password?
  29. Why is a log-in prompt message indicating no account has been registered, although the account has been registered?
  30. Why does the connection fail after scanning?
  31. What should I do if the camera reports an error after scanning the QR code?
  32. Why can't I find the QR code on the camera body?
  33. Why do images/pictures look blurry?



💬 Technology FAQ

  1. How to add user or share your camera with another person?
  2. Can two or multiple people be logged in?
  3. How to remove user or stop sharing?
  4. What are the permissions of shared users?
  5. How to find the QR code for the admin?
  6. Why isn't 5G Wi-Fi and enterprise-level certified Wi-Fi not supported?
  7. How to distinguish 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and 5GHz Wi-Fi?
  8. What Wi-Fi settings should I use?
  9. Do I need Wi-Fi to connect the camera?
  10. How to adjust the resolution of the live screen?
  11. Can the camera still be used when the network is disconnected?
  12. Why is the camera offline/can't open the live broadcast screen?